Products offered

Other game meat products are also available.

Red deer

  • Red deer half
  • Red deer quarter
  • Red deer neck
  • Red deer shoulder
  • Red deer entrecote
  • Red deer knuckle
  • Red deer rump
  • Red deer topside
  • Red deer silverside
  • Red deer trimming A
  • Red deer trimming B
  • Red deer striploin
  • Red deer tenderloin


  • Elk quarter
  • Elk brisket
  • Elk shoulder
  • Elk neck
  • Elk entrecote
  • Elk striploin
  • Elk tenterloin
  • Elk knuckle
  • Elk rump
  • Elk silverside
  • Elk topside
  • Elk trimming A
  • Elk trimming B

Roe deer

  • Roe deer whole
  • Roe deer neck
  • Roe deer shoulder
  • Roe deer striploin
  • Roe deer tenderloin
  • Roe deer trimming
  • Roe deer back hind leg


  • A quarter of beef
  • Beef neck chop
  • Beef shovel
  • Beef thighs
  • Beef breast
  • Beef Boundaries
  • Beef stomach
  • Beef thighs
  • Cattle fillets
  • Beef chop
  • Beef entrecote
  • Beef trimmings Category A
  • Bovine Trimmings Category B


  • Whole beaver carcass

  All meat products offered for sale are properly processed to meet sanitary requirements and criteria.

The company’s products consist and provide only freshest meat, special care, and highly responsible attitude is given to its quality to make sure that only the best production is offered to customers.

  Possible meat preparation according to HALAL methods.
  Products are available in fresh or chilled in a vacuum packaging, as well as deep-frozen.