Meat values

Meat has high importance to human’s daily life because it provides the body with the nutrients it needs. Meat contains substances that are essential for the human body and cannot be replaced by herbal products.

Meat contains vitamin B12 and creatine, which is especially important because it cannot be obtained from plant products.

Meat Omega-3 is much healthier and more valuable to humans than plant-based Omega-3s

The excellent nutritional value of deer meat has long been appreciated by humans and has always been on the menu of high-income people and their families. Deer meat has unique properties and rapidly improves the daily nutrition intake for the human being because deer meat ranks the highest in terms of its nutritional value compared to other animals.

Nutrition indicators of different meat dishes (per 100g)

Iron, mg Fat, g Cholesterol, mg Calories
Deer 3,4 3,3 66 159
Beef 2,3 9,76 92 214
Pork 1,8 10,64 101 219
Chicken 0,78 3,42 83 159

Reasons because deer meat is so valuable:

  contains more mineral salts and vitamins than other meats;
  a rich source of protein, iron, phosphorus, and potassium;
  lt has low fat, cholesterol content and KJ/KCAl levels
  Has the lowest cholesterol level;
  has anti-cancer effects.

  The World Association of Nutritionists strongly recommends the use of deer meat products in women of childbearing age to maintain the amount of iron in the body.