About us

“MORE MEAT” is a Latvian family company with many years of experience in deer breeding and meat processing.

The company started its activities in 1995, it’s owners Dainis and Mara Paeglīši, who on a daily basis take care of the deers, as well as devote their time to animal wellbeing and farm maintenance.

The family business consists of 3 deer gardens, one of which is an organic deer garden and a meat processing plant.

In “More Meat”, all animals live in their natural environment, are fed with grains, grass or hay on a daily basis and do not receive hormones and medications in their diet.

Our deer are reared in natural conditions, in a peaceful environment free from external stressors, with all biological requirements in mind.

The company also offers Latvian hunted animal products for sale.

All meat products offered for sale are properly processed to meet sanitary requirements and criteria.